Nikola Mirotic 13 Points/5 Blocks Full Highlights (11/28/2014)

Wow, uh, five blocks for Nikola Mirotic? Was that what Bulls fans thought they were getting when he came over from Spain? Elite shot blocking capabilities? Because that’s what they’re getting.

Sign him up for the “dudes who will get a 5×5” waiting list, right behind Giannis and James Johnson. It’s only a matter of if he will get enough time in a game to do it. Thibodeau would probably take him out to play Carlos Boozer some more if he got even close.

Seriously though, I was impressed by these blocked shots tonight. Normally when a non-shotblocker gets this many it’s because the scorekeepers were drunk or high and just started awarding blocks whenever a shot was contested. Not in this case. They were all legit, except for maybe the fourth one. 13 points is just icing on the cake of rejected field goal attempts.

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