TJ Warren 11 Points Full Highlights (11/28/2014)

Attention Suns announcers: you are not allowed to call TJ Warren a “scoring machine” until he scores at least 20 points in an NBA game.

Yeah, I know he was a dynamite scorer in college. That’s great. But scoring in the NBA is most decidedly not the same as scoring in the NCAA. The talent gap is just so great. I’m an unstoppable scoring maniac when I play the elementary schoolers at the park (try it, its great for increasing confidence). Does that mean that if I got put in the NBA that they would be allowed to call me a “scoring machine”? Of course not. Well, they could, but it would paint a very inaccurate picture of my basketball abilities.

With all that said, TJ has the skillset to eventually become a very good NBA scorer. Just not yet.

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