K.J. McDaniels 21 Points Full Highlights (11/29/2014)

Pop quiz time (I hope you studied). On this quiz, there’s just one question, so it shouldn’t be too hard unless you’re a moron.

Question 1: How Much of a Beast is K.J. McDaniels?
a.) Not much of a beast at all
b.) He only looks like a beast because everybody else on his team is a scrub
c.) A total beast
d.) More like a “stud” than a “beast” if you ask me
e.) If you redefine “beast” to mean “pretty good and probably could get better since he’s just a rookie”, he is an absolute beasty beast
f.) both a. and c. are correct, thus highlighting the contradicting, paradoxical nature of all things

Leave your answer in the comments, but be aware that if you get it wrong, I will leave snide comments in response that both question your intelligence and your virility as a man.

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