Nick Young 20 Points/5 Threes Full Highlights (11/30/2014)

YouTube is getting smarter. Now, whenever I go to tag a video with the name basketball player, it helpfully autocompletes to something like “Wayne Ellington (Basketball Player)”. Helpful! In this case, though, something got a little messed up, as it suggested “Nick Young (Celebrity)”.

This is a poor omen. It’s true that I don’t take Nick Young’s career as a basketball player entirely seriously, and that his antics and PR stunts accentuate his swaggy scoring ability. Can’t blame him for the stuff he says, though. It’s nice when an athlete doesn’t speak in rehashed platitudes all the time.

It’s also nice when an athlete disregards his teammates for individual stats. Not even being sarcastic here; there’s something cathartic about watching a player chuck mindlessly, paying no heed to his teammates. People are complaining left and right about Kobe this year, but if he started playing team ball it wouldn’t be nearly so fun to watch.

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