Reggie Evans 17 Points/20 Rebounds Full Highlights (11/30/2014)

This is Reggie Evan’s 14th twenty-rebound game of his career. However, in only one of those game did he also score twenty points, thus giving him the coveted twenty-twenty. You may remember that game; Parmigiano Reggiano dropped in 22 points and 26 boards while playing with the Brooklyn Nets.

There was time left in the game for him to score three more points. It would have been easy if the Kings had given up trying to win and instead tried to help Reggie reach his goal. I’m tired of Vucevic getting all the 20-20s.

There’s no guarantees that you could make Reggie score three points in seven minutes, though. Reggie is not a scorer. He is a hustler, and sometimes his hustle accidentally results in him scoring points. Imagining how bad he would dominate the glass if he wasn’t undersized for his position is making something funny happen in my pants.

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