James Johnson 19 Points Full Highlights (12/2/2014)

I love it when commentators get salty. This time, the Kings crew is obviously a little miffed that James Johnson had a good game for the Raptors, given that his entire tenure with the Kings was notable only for being entirely ineffective. They marvel at his ability to make threes, as he only made two of them in his 54 games repping the Purple Paupers (never mind the Johnson has always sucked from downtown, and is unlikely to finish this year shooting over 30% from outside). They insinuate that he didn’t try while in Sacramento, and that he’s only trying now because he dropped out of the league for a little bit. They are saltier than salted peanuts and trying not to show it.

Now that I think about it, the whole Raptors bench is made out of guys who disappointed in Suck-town. Greivis Vasquez. Patrick Patterson. James Johnson. Chuck Hayes. The Kings commentators were probably losing their minds, driven insane by the idea that they have to deal with overpaid Rudy Gay while the Raptors make real noise in the East with their deep bench.

If you don’t like that, you don’t like NBA basketball.

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