Khris Middleton 21 Points Full Highlights (12/3/2014)

Khris Middleton’s numbers have regressed from last season. Bucks fans attempt to attribute it to him trying to do too much on the court, but I know the real reason. I know it because I have inside sources in the Bucks front office, namely me disguised as a vending machine in the GM’s office.

Let’s just say that the Cavs aren’t the only team in the NBA that rigs things.

Khris Middleton is being told to purposely suck so that we don’t have to pay him as much in the offseason. Khris understands that this is for the good of the team, and he knows that the Parker/Antetokounmpo combo is guaranteed at least a few deep playoff runs in a few years; a cheapo four-year/18 million deal for Khris will enable the Bucks to stack their team with even more talent. If you look closely you can even tell when Khris purposely alters his form so that he misses.

I also found out that Mallory Edens is taken. Damn! Oh well, she’s probably into muscle dudes anyway, not classy gentlemen like DTB.

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