Robert Covington 17 Points/1 Win Full Highlights (12/3/2014)

It’s really good that the 76ers finally got a win. Not just for the fans and the players, put for the commentators as well. Something was off about them this game. A little loopy. The pressure of knowing that they had to win this game or risk losing 30 in a row was maybe a little much for them.

Robert Covington, in contrast, has no regard for things like “pressure” and “wanting to win games”. Late in the 4th quarter, with only a minute left to secure a coveted victory, he somehow dragged his huge balls down the court to hit an early-in-the-shot-clock three to put the 76ers up by four. I would even go so far as to say that he was the catalyst behind the win tonight. Way to go! I hope they enjoy the feeling while it lasts because they might not get to experience it again this season.

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