Derrick Favors 21 Points/5 Blocks Full Highlights (12/5/2014)

I’m actually starting to worry about Jazz commentator Ron Boone. Half of the stuff that comes out of his mouth doesn’t make sense, and the other half, you can’t hear because he mumbles. Most of the time he doesn’t finish thoughts that he starts.

It seems like “Booner” has favorable things to say about Derrick Favors, but trying to decipher him is like trying to follow the thread of your parents’ argument through the bedroom wall. Maybe Favors has a soft jumper, maybe Favors protects the rim well, maybe there’s not enough money for Christmas presents this year, maybe it’s all DownToBuck’s fault for staying in his room all the time and not getting a job, maybe that inheritance we were getting from Grandma isn’t really as much as we thought it would be and we’re still behind on the heating bill.

I’ll just pretend I don’t hear mom crying in there. Boy, Derrick Favors sure has improved, hasn’t he? He just keeps getting better. Yup, nothing wrong over here in DTB-world.

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