Donatas Motiejunas 16 Points/1 Skyhook Full Highlights (12/6/2014)

What post move doesn’t Donatas Motiejunas have in his arsenal? The last few games for him have been a clinic in the art of back-to-the-basket gamesmanship. Up-and-unders, he can do with ease, with either hand. He can do regular old hook shots as well, when the mood strikes him. I haven’t seen a good drop-step from him yet, but we can probably expect one in the next game.

He has been known to do these moves in the past, so this is nothing too exciting. But now he has apparently acquired the holy grail of post shots, the most desired and envy-inducing shot of them all: the Skyhook.

Kareem made it famous and dominated the league with it for decades, yet the art of the skyhook has remained elusive for centers coming after him. Robin Lopez has a variant that he sometimes dusts off, but other than that, no one even tries.

Until D-Mo. It wasn’t the prettiest thing ever, and it bounced around for a while before going in, but just seeing it again brought tears to my eyes. I can barely type these words, such is my jubilance.

Thank you, Donatas.

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