Zach LaVine 22 Points/10 Assists Full Highlights (12/6/2014)

“Zach’s one of those guys that just doesn’t care.”

A pretty damning quote, huh? Especially coming from his own team’s commentator. I am outraged. This guy gets paid tons of money to play basketball and he can’t even manage a little enthusiasm for his job? Athletes these days are the most entitled little brats that this nation has ever seen. While honest people like you and me work our butts off to make ends meet, knuckleheads like Zach LaVine openly laugh at the idea working hard even once in their pampered existences. I am livid, and you should be too.

See what I did there? It’s called “taking quotes out of context” and it is an advanced persuasive technique that is all the rage these days, especially in political circles. The real quote is:

“Zach’s one of those guys that just doesn’t care. He cares about the game but he doesn’t care about making or missing shots.”

Don’t you feel silly for getting so mad?

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