Jon Leuer 20 Points/1 Normal Dunk/1 Cradle Dunk Full Highlights (12/7/2014)

“Oh, she’s just adorable!” Jon enthused, holding out his arms to accept his four-month old niece, Matilda.

“Be careful with her,” warned Jon’s brother. “Sometimes she pukes at weird times.”

“Don’t worry. We’re best of friends, aren’t we, Matilda?” he asked the smiling baby, who giggled in response. “Yep. Bestest best friends forever, you and Uncle Jon.”

Jon had never really held a baby before. What were you supposed to do with one? Make funny faces at it? Hold it above your head like The Lion King? Just hold it in your arms until it fell asleep?

Wait. That was it. Cradling!

Rocking Matilda back and forth in his arms, his niece soon was fast asleep. He stopped for a bit, but when she began to wake up, he immediately restarted his arm movements. It seemed like he would be at this for a while, not that he minded; his muscles had endured much worse.

An idea began to form in his head. What if he did the same thing he was doing now, but with a basketball? And, what if, he dunked while doing it? Had anybody ever dared to be so daring as to try such a maneuver?

Jon Leuer smiled down at the baby girl in his arms as he visualized it. Rocking the ball through the air as he soared up for a power-jam, that would be sure to get everybody pumped. He would have to try it next time he got the chance…

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