Josh McRoberts 14 Points/3 Dunks Full Highlights (12/7/2014)

Josh “McRawbits” McRoberts isn’t doing all that well since he left Charlotte. Meanwhile, Charlotte isn’t doing that well since McRoberts left them. Was not re-signing McBobs this year’s biggest offseason blunder? Not quite. Let’s take a look at some bigger ones:

-Pistons didn’t trade Greg Monroe, now SVG plays Josh Smith at PF and brings Monroe off the bench, and they still stuck
-Suns paid Eric Bledsoe while also acquiring Isaiah Thomas, thus marginalizing their best player, Goran Dragic
-Pacers let Paul George play for Team USA, why god, why????
-Carmelo re-signed with New York. That sure is working out well.
-Kevin Love went to a team where he’s third fiddle, instead of having his own team where he can shoot as much as he wants in Minnesota
-Bucks got a coach who is prone to spilling soda during important moments
-Mavericks paid Chandler Parsons too much, since he’s a fatty
-Nuggets ownership failed to provide free weed as a signing bonus for free agents
-Lakers still have Kobe

So, the Heat didn’t actually do so bad during the summer. Except for that one guy who left. What’s his name again?

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