Wilson Chandler 29 Points Full Highlights (12/7/2014)

I have a hypothesis about Wilson Chandler: he has no fans at all. There is not a single person who craves Wilson Chandler highlights above all others, who is a fan of the Nuggets solely because of his presence, or who owns his journey un-ironically.

Wilson Chandler himself does not count. Neither does his mama, or his grandmama.

I concede that there may be Nuggets fans who appreciate the talents that he brings to their team. There also may be alumni of DePaul university who want to see him do well in order to further the reputation of their alma mater. But that’s it.

Even I don’t find him that exciting. He’s just there. Scoring 15 or so points a game, never being included in trade rumors, sometimes injured, not having any outstanding skill.

Do not attempt to furnish me with proof of your Wilson Chandler fandom. Any evidence received will be rejected on the grounds that it was fabricated.

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