James Jones 12 Points/4 Threes Full Highlights (12/8/2014)

James Jones has seen his averages drop precipitously after signing a new deal in a new city. There were always questions about whether his teammates made him better than he really was; now those fears are becoming reality. He may be receiving more touches in the offense, as his team is thin at his position, but he is less efficient than ever.

The error-prone Jones just does not look as good without Aaron Rodgers throwing him the ball. Derek Carr is simply unable to get Jones the looks downfield that Aaron would provide on a regular basis. The Raiders are a trainwreck, having been lucky to steal the one game they actually did win. This is yet more evidence that wide receivers and other “skill” positions outside of quarterback are overrated in the eyes of the public.

Maybe he and Greg Jennings should have thought twice before sulking their way out of Green Bay.

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