Greg Monroe 22 Points Full Highlights (12/9/2014)

In the interest of journalistic ethics, I must disclose something at the forefront of this description.

Moose needed 22 shot attempts to score 22 points: the dreaded “Jordan Crawford” effect. A player who scores as many or fewer points than the amount of field goals they attempt rarely is having a positive effect on the offensive side of the ball. Normally the provenance of low-percentage maniacs like Josh Smith, this time, the Pistons’ offender was the usually-efficient Monroe.

If I was Monroe, I’d do the same. The Pistons definitely aren’t winning any games having Smith, Jennings, and KCP taking all the shots. They should try to establish Monroe and staple Smith’s butt to the bench until he figures it out (which will probably somewhere between a kajillion years and never).

There! Now, when I get caught pilfering description material from Grantland, nobody can ever accuse me of not standing firm on my ethical principles.

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