J.J. Barea 17 Points Full Highlights (12/9/2014)

This is a first, since I started having custom thumbnails. No closeup of the player in question! Sometimes I forgo the closeup, but this time I didn’t even have the option. Come on Grizzlies camera people! At least show one while JJ is busy taking a dump on your pathetic team during the fourth quarter.

As you can see, I improvised my own. Not so good, you can plainly see my need for closeups. Usually I can bank on free throws if I need one in a pinch, but not tonight. So I guess the blame falls equally on JJ and on the Grizzlies’ TV crew.

Do not let the substandard thumbnail distract you too much from these highlights in the typical Barea style. He’s the same player as he’s always been; a short chucker who pounds the ball hard. Timberwolves fans were really sick of him by the end of his tenure, and now he’s back with the only team where he ever positively contributed..

I estimate that he has about two more months of finals-related good will before Dallas fans figure out that he’s not that good. Maybe less.

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