Devin Harris 20 Points Full Highlights (12/10/2014)

When Raymond Felton comes back, is he even going to get any minutes? Devin Harris and Jameer Nelson, unbelievably, have the point guard position on lock. There is no need to insert team cancer Raymond Felton, who has purposely tried to ruin multiple teams so that he could leave, into the lineup just so he can sit fatly at center court and jam concession-stand french fries into his fat mouth.

Watching this video, you can almost believe that Devin Harris might have made an All-Star team once upon a time. He can score when he wants to, and for a whole season back in 2009, he did exactly that. However, don’t buy into the false narrative that Devin was an All-Star. I’ve done my research (I always do), and Devin absolutely never was chosen for the All-Star team. Ever. Never ever. I don’t believe it, and the people who do are just trying to rewrite history.

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