Donatas Motiejunas 18 Points Full Highlights (12/10/2014)

Dwight Howard must be freaking out right now. He sits on the bench in his fancy suit with his fancy watch, clapping dutifully every time Donatas Motiejunas does something good, but on the inside you just know that he’s watching his replacement in a panic, a replacement who is consistently performing post moves with a fluidity that Dwight himself could never dream of.

Howard may offer more on the defense side of things, and the rebounding side of things, but the NBA viewership doesn’t care especially about those things. They want scoring, and they want it in aesthetically pleasing ways. Seeing D-Mo turn Speights into a pretzel is the height of entertainment, similar to Curry splashing a pull-up three in someone’s face.

I hope you guys are enjoying Donatas as much as I am right now, because in a few games we’re going to see Dwight back, and the end of this constant barrage of well-executed post moves. But whatever happens in the future, however few minutes Donuts receives, we can always go back to the highlights and relive these good times together.

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