Andrew Wiggins 18 Points/1 Blocked MVP Full Highlights (12/12/2014)

Andrew “Wig Out” Wiggins really Wigged Out in this one. For a guy whose jumpshot was supposed to be maybe a little bit of a work in progress, he looked really comfortable out there.

However comfortable he was, though, it’s no match to the level of comfiness I am currently experiencing as I type these words. I have no fewer than three, count ’em, THREE blankets on my body right now. There’s a fire in the fireplace and it’s crackling like nobody’s business. Not only is it crackling, it’s also providing a vibrant orange light that is rendered even more stunning because I don’t have any other lights on in my whole place.

I went out and bought some gourmet hot chocolate mix and, guess what, there’s a big cup of it sitting right on my desk. Whipped cream not optional. My cat, Japurri, is on my lap and by the way he’s purring, I think he likes the blankets more than I do. I’m all set for a night of highlight compilation and hot chocolate ingestilation.

Take that Wiggins.

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