Cory Joseph 16 Points/5 Assists Full Highlights (12/12/2014)

For a point guard, Cory Joseph has shot very well from the field each of the past three seasons. Part of it is probably due to the effective offensive sets that the Spurs run, but probably more of it has to do with Cory Joseph actually being a superb backup point guard. Or…

The Spurs organization, versed in archaic gramarye, incants occult spells upon its players. This is a known fact cross-verified by multiple fact-finding expeditions (basically just me sneaking into the arena and taking pictures with my phone). Danny Green and Matt Bonner have both told of being taken to an odd, space-bending chamber deep within the arena and having strange spells placed upon them. It is entirely possible that Cory Joseph has been ensorcelled with a sort of supernatural playing ability in much the same manner.

When details of the ritual, if it even happened, become known, I will certainly detail them in a description. It is my duty to the basketball community.

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