Kemba Walker 28 Points/7 Assists Full Highlights (12/12/2014)

Is Kemba Walker just a shorter version of Dion Waiters? They’re two guys who are in love with bad shots despite having the speed and ball-handling skills to get any shot they want. They can both get teammates involved when they feel like it, which isn’t very often. Both are currently shooting sub-30% from three, although Dion actually wins the FG% battle by mustering a mark just over 40%. Kemba’s sitting at a Brandon Jennings-esque 37% amid the Hornet’s offensive woes.

Now, with him getting twelve million per year starting next season, the salary that volume-scoring point guards expect is only going to go up. Brandon Knight is going to want at least ten million per, and it’s all Kemba’s fault. I made this video not with my usual joy and enthusiasm, but instead with searing distaste.

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