C.J. Watson 23 Points Full Highlights (12/13/2014)

The carousel of suck that is the Indiana Pacers season spins ever toward annihilation with the addition of CJ Watson into the starting lineup. Is Donald Sloan not good enough anymore? Because I thought that he played fairly well, admittedly my highlight-maker’s perspective might be distorted.

I don’t remember much about CJ anymore. It’s been too long since he did anything. He was with Chicago at one point, I know. Bulls fans either really hated him or really like him, I can’t recall which. Knowing the general atmosphere of Chicago, probably the first one.

Watson showcased a nice-looking jumper tonight, and the ability to pass to David West for more jumpers. I’m impressed, he’s not a starter-caliber player, but I didn’t realize he was still a rotation-caliber player. Unfortunately for the Pacers everyone on the roster is kind of like that. When does Paul George come back again?

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