Darrell Arthur 20 Points/4 Threes Full Highlights (12/13/2014)

At the very beginning of this video, one of the Nuggets commentators states his wish that Darrell “The Aardvark” Arthur would have a game where he hits “six or seven” three-pointers. This commentator believes that Arthur accomplishing this feat would lead to a Nuggets win. He’s probably right. Scoring 18 or 21 points on three-pointers alone would be a big step towards victory. There’s just one problem.

Up until this game, the most threes that The Aardvark had ever made was three. Just three. He set a new career high with four this game, on nine attempts. But there is no realistic way that he could ever hit six in a game. He just isn’t good enough from out there.

Was the commentator joking? It didn’t really sound like a joke. It sounded like he was being serious. Does he really have so little clue about the players on the team which he covers that he assumes that Arthur is a threat to get super-hot from deep? I refuse to believe that. He was just being wishful. And maybe The Aardvark heard him, because he attempted nine friggin’ threes over the course of the game.

I wish Jabari would score thirty in a game. Is this going to work?

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