Donatas Motiejunas Career High 25 Points Full Highlights (12/13/2014)

I should just stop being surprised by anything that Donatas Motiejunas does anymore. I really thought, that with Dwight coming back, that he would not put up the same excellent numbers he had been. I especially didn’t think that he would improve upon those numbers. But he did! Is there nothing that this guy can’t do? Does this guy not have any faults?

Donatas sat alone in his study, the lights dimmed. He was fine during the waking hours, when the light of the sun could chase his shadows away. At night, however, the visions returned.

He closed his eyes. Immediately, great pillars of fire jumped into his view. He stood and watched, helplessly, as the building burned to the ground. He had been in charge of this orphanage, the wonderful children contained within its walls flourishing under his care. He had only a few errands to run, it would take so little time, and the children loved the fireplace.

“Why have you forgotten me, Donatas?” “Don’t you love us?” “Please help, Donatas, I’m burning…” He did not know if the words he heard were imagined. The screams, however, were most certainly not.

His teammates did not know the real reason he turned to basketball. His excuse of “Me really tall, so they make me play and I enjoy” was more than enough for them. They did not know of his past.

He opened his eyes again. This time, the flames did not disappear.

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