Giannis Antetokounmpo 20 Points/3 Dunks Full Highlights (12/13/2014)

Giannis screamed.

Lying, shivering, in the snowbank, he had no energy left to resist. The hooded figure approached him silently, no face visible beneath a robe made of some dark material, blacker than the deepest black. Once the apparition had reached where Giannis lay, he raised his hand in a beckon to be silent.

“Don’t hurt me,” Giannis whispered, voice hoarse from the screams which had torn loose from his mouth. The figure regarded him in silence, as if deciding what his fate would be.

Finally, after half a minute, the figure spoke in low, rumbling tones. “Come with me,” it spoke.

Giannis, wearing only underwear after taking part in “Bradley Center Bratwurst Barbarity”, lifted his freezing body up from the snowbank. The bratwursts in his stomach shifted uncomfortably, threatening to rise out of his mouth much like his screams had. The figure turned and began to move away, not really walking but floating; Giannis followed. Behind him, he could hear his teammates clamoring, wondering where their young Greek contestant had gone.

Giannis wanted to go back to them, but there was an aura of importance about this being. “Where are we going?” he asked, but silence was the only answer forthcoming from the becloaked entity.

Now they stood in an alley between two buildings. Giannis wondered if he was going to die here, murdered by some criminal wearing a leftover Halloween costume. The figure was whispering some words to the bricks of the wall; in his palms was a sort of glowing blue orb. If he was going to kill Giannis, he was taking his time about it.

Suddenly, there was a flash of a brighter blue light, so bright that Giannis’ eyes were momentarily stunned. When he could see again, he saw, where there used to be a solid brick wall, a swirling vortex of grays and blues, about six feet tall by six feet wide. The figure, who had not spoken again since his first introductory words, made a beckoning motion with his fingers. Then, the figure stepped into the maelstrom, and disappeared.

All alone now, Giannis pondered going back. Eventually, though, his natural curiosity won out.

Taking a deep breath, Giannis placed a single foot in the portal and was immediately whirled away to a new dimension.

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