Hollis Thompson 21 Points/5 Threes Full Highlights (12/12/2014)

It’s too bad that the 76ers couldn’t pull off the upset tonight. I thought that this one was impossible to give away. But the 76ers are a bad team, and they did what bad teams often do: lose games in horrific ways.

The good news: if Hollis Thompson had missed one of his free throws near the end of the game the 76ers would have lost in regulation instead of in overtime. Or if he had missed one of his 4 regulation-time threes. Or if had missed one of his other shots.

The bad news: if Hollis Thompson had made even one more shot we’d be talking about how great this upstart Philly team looks, taking a contender head on and showing that youth and moxie can sometimes overpower vet and savvy.

More good news: I don’t even have to wear my warm socks right now because Japurri, my cat, is curled up around my feet.

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