Andre Iguodala 20 Points Full Highlights (12/14/2014)

Andre Iguodala hasn’t been the same this season. At all.
He was a stud last year according to RAPM. One of the best players in the league going by that metric. What happened to turn that guy into this half-dead guy we see now? Is he injured? Did he really like Mark Jackson and quit on his new coach?

The Warriors are still doing extraordinarily well, so we can wait to worry about Iguodala’s struggles until he starts stinking it up in the Finals.

Did you notice what I craftily implied? No? I’ll say it again: “stinking it up IN THE FINALS”. What I’m trying to say is, I think the Warriors will win all their playoff series up to and including the finals. If you disagree, that’s cool, but you’re wrong.

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