Carlos Boozer 22 Points Full Highlights (12/14/2014)

Why does Carlos Boozer yell so much? He yells at everything on the court, no matter what it is. Person driving into the paint? Just yell “AAAAAAAAAHHHH” at him and point rather than defending. Driving to the basket yourself? If anybody grazes your body, or even if they don’t: “AAAAHHH!!’ Sitting on the bench? Provide running commentary on the on-court action punctuated by shouts of “HEEEEEYYYY!”

This, combined with his total lack of defense, preference for difficult turn-around jumpshots, and ugly bald head make Carlos Boozer one of the most annoying players in the league. However, if anybody could get Carlos to shut up, it would be Kobe.

So Kobe, if you read this, can you please tell Carlos to shut up?

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