Dante Cunningham 13 Points Full Highlights (12/14/2014)

Dante “Crafty Pork” Cunningham found himself out of the league for a little bit while he dealt with some false domestic abuse charges. Well, soon he might again find himself out of a job once the cops get wind of his fondness for “defender abuse”. I actually called up the local police and told them about it. They didn’t take it seriously, but then again, the problem of defender abuse in the NBA has never been adequately addressed by our society, and until it does, defenders will continue to get abused in silence.

I mean, did the Warriors even read the scouting report? Did anybody even make one? If they did, it must have neglected to include Dante Cunningham, because everybody knows that the only thing this dude did with the Timberwolves is shoot jumpers. His midrange game is sicker than a hospital terminal ward full of dying people, but did anybody ever close out on him? No. He’s like a version Marreese Speights that just spent four years starving in the desert. The Warriors should have understood that.

But they didn’t, so here I am, making highlights of Dante Cunningham making them pay again and again. Is there some kind of hotline I should call? It’s kind of telling that YouTube wants me to tag this video with “cry”.

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