Ben Gordon 16 Points Full Highlights (12/15/2014)

One of the most head-scratching contracts of the season was given out by the Orlando Magic, when they signed Ben Gordon to a 2-year, 9 million dollar deal. Not as bad as it seems, since the second year isn’t guaranteed, but come on. That’s a lot of dough for a known cancerous chucker.

Like most cancerous chuckers, Ben Gordon was good once upon a time, scoring 20 points a game for a while in Chicago. He fell off pretty hard in Charlotte after being involved in the infamous “Chucky Cancer” trade with Corey Maggette, and I didn’t think he would get anything more than the minimum after that.

Does he provide veteran savvy? Or just streak shooting? The Magic kind of need both of those things. In that respect, the deal makes sense. Sort of. Not really though.

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