DeAndre Jordan 16 Points/4 Dunks Full Highlights (12/15/2014)

DeAndre Jordan is not known for his offensive repertoire. In fact, he is known for the opposite; it is common knowledge that he can not do anything other than catch lobs. He makes it work, and he thinks he’s going to get max money because of it, so either his agent is feeding him bull poo or there are actually teams around the league who want to pay 20 million for a souped-up Tyson Chandler.

That max money wouldn’t sound so outlandish if I told you that DeAndre now has a hook shot in his arsenal. Don’t scoff, fool! Watch the video above and weep for the NBA, because DeAndre is now officially unstoppable. See how smooth, how perfect that thing was? It needed some help from the rim to go in, but that’s why the rim is there in the first place, so I wouldn’t hold it against him. Once he starts shooting this thing on a regular basis, other teams are going to be tossing aside their Boguts and their Vucevices and their other below-the-rim centers in order to get in on the hot DeAndre action.

Fundamentals are the old way. Lobs are the new way.

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