Nerlens Noel Career High 19 Points Full Highlights (12/15/2014)

Fresh off one of the worst performances of the season for any player (0 for 8, 5 turnovers), Nerlens Noel decided that enough was enough, and he was going to score some points. Somehow.

He doesn’t have the greatest arsenal of offensive moves at this point, though this video would do a good job convincing someone otherwise. He hit a couple of jumpers, which is great to see. A floater, too, and some sweeping hook shots. Some nice passes as well. If I weren’t a devoted NBA fan these highlights would leave me with the impression that Noel is the next Olajuwon.

Hell, maybe he is anyway. Yeah, let’s just say that he is. Now the 76ers lead the league in next Olajuwons with two!

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