Dante Exum 12 Points Full Highlights (12/16/2014)

I’m really impressed by Dante Exum. He still isn’t taking any midrange shots, which are the bread and butter of any efficient NBA player, but his outside shot is coming along nicely. Also his ACL’s are both intact.

There appears to be a psychic connection between Exum and countryman Joe Ingles, evidenced by the prescient passes Ingles was making for Exum slammers. Is this an Aussie thing? I would ask my Aussie friend, but he’s too busy being a gas-huffing abo bogan to talk to me right now. So we’ll have to wait for conclusive proof of Autralian telepathy, unless one of my readers can offer some. What we don’t have to wait for, is for Exum playing another game, because his knees are totally fine and the ligaments contained therein are not torn to shreds like coleslaw.

Some die-hard fans of other teams picking early in the draft wanted to select Exum, seeing in him Kobe-esque properties. These teams included the Bucks. I think drafting whoever it was they drafted has worked out; they are above .500, something the Jazz aren’t. I can’t think of any areas where the Bucks’ rookie is lacking in comparison to Dante, e.g. the structural soundness of his knee.

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