Mason Plumlee 21 Points Full Highlights (12/16/2014)

Mason Plumlee: worst free throw form in the league?

Possibly. There are lot of players with awkward looking forms out there, including such luminaries as Shawn Marion and Chuck Hayes. But Plumlee’s might be the awkwardest.

Mason starts it off normally, but once he gets to where he’s going to release it, his left hand just leaves the picture entirely. He sort of cups the ball in his right hand and launches it with his wrist. If I tried to that the ball would roll off every time. To complete the monstrosity, he leans forward and shuffles his feet a little bit as he “follows through”.

This would all be fine if he could make the damn things. But he can’t. He’s even worse than last year at this particular aspect of the game. Can’t someone fix him? They fixed Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, they should be able to repair Plumlee. Right?

If any Brooklyn Nets staff are reading this, I offer my services as a personal shooting coach for Mason. I don’t even need to get paid as long as I get to hang out at practices and games and stuff. My pedigree in the area of foul-shot shooting is stellar: I once made 10 in a row.

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