Andre Drummond 19 Points/24 Rebounds Full Highlights (12/17/2014)

As I usually do before making a highlight video, I searched YouTube for Andre Drummond-related videos to see if one of my rivals had been stealing my views. I did not find such videos, but I found worse:

TMZ Sports uploaded a video about Andre Drummond’s shoes.

Are you kidding me? Sports themselves are already way down on the list of things that a reasonable human being should care about. I freely admit that. But shoes? The only reason I wear shoes is so they protect my feet from pointy stuff that might be on the ground. I don’t care what they look like, I certainly don’t care what anybody else’s look like, and I absolutely care 0% about what kind of shoes any basketball player is wearing. Once they step off the court, they can run around in the buff for all I care.

So, Drummond was wearing sparkly red shoes. Pretty swag for sure, but did it need a video where some lame-ass cameraman is trying to be hip by asking Drummond about his footwear? Why couldn’t TMZ Sports make a highlight video of Drummond’s sick alley oops like I did? Why even call your channel “Sports” if it’s just about gossipy crap?

Watch out, TMZ Sports. I’m coming for your ass. I’m only 20,000 subscribers behind.

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