Shelvin Mack Career High 24 Points/6 Threes Full Highlights (12/17/2014)

Uh. Damn.

The Hawks just smashed the Cavs. Hard. Hard smashing was the name of the game tonight. Right in the face.

Atlanta must be really good this year or something. Doesn’t make sense at first glance. They don’t have a superstar, or even a sure-fire All-Star. Their biggest name is maybe Al Horford? I’ve always been one to think that coaching is overrated in the NBA, but the Hawks are proving me wrong.

Shelvin Mack, up to this point, hasn’t been a factor in their success. Being the third string PG behind maybe All-Star Teague and foreign wunderkind Schroder doesn’t lead to many minutes. He doesn’t especially deserve more than he’s getting; he’s not all that good.

“But DownToBuck, he just scored 24! How is that not good?”

You fools. One good game does not a good career make. Yes, his second quarter was impressive. Yes, I like watching three point shots go in the net. But I want to see him do it again, or maybe two or three more times, before anointing him the backup point again.

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