Mike Miller 21 Points/7 Threes Full Highlights (12/19/2014)

Mike Miller pulled the phone out of his pocket, fiddled with it confusedly for a few minutes, and managed, finally, to dial the phone number of his father.

“Oh, hey Mike! Great game tonight, my boy, great game!”

“Did we win?” Mike’s voice was sad and unsure.

“What? Yes, you won, Mikey.” His father sounded surprised; he was expecting the usual cheerfulness from his son after a victory.

“Did I do good?”

“Unless you don’t consider seven made threes good. Son, are you feeling okay?”

Now Mike was crying. “I don’t remember, dad. After the game coach was congratulating me for playing through adversity but I don’t even remember playing. I thought I was still out with a head boo-boo. Everything is a blur. Am I concussed, dad?”

His father was unconcerned. “Of course not, you would know if you had a concussion. It’s normal, after a victory, to be a little disoriented. Don’t worry about it. Love you.”

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