Reggie Jackson 25 Points/5 Assists Full Highlights (12/19/2014)

Much like James Harden, we can’t know how much of a scoring stud Reggie Jackson is until either he leaves OKC or Westbrook leaves OKC. He had some monster performances to start the year, but that’s not enough. I want at least one whole season of Reggie Jackson on his own team. Bledsoe got his chance and Reggie should too.

That is why I have brokered a trade between (guess who) the 76ers and the Thunder. It was a lot of phone calls but it was all worth it, because this is what’s going to go down in the next 24 to 48 hours:

To Philadelphia:
-Reggie Jackson
-Kendrick Perkins
-Full rack of deflated basketballs

To Oklahoma City:
-Jason Richardson’s corpse, coffin and embalming fluid not included
-Michael Carter-Williams
-Cheesesteak recipe on an index card

I’ve wondered this before, but why don’t I have a GM job somewhere? I’m good at this stuff. Can we get a Woj retweet up in here???

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