Danilo Gallinari 19 Points Full Highlights (12/20/2014)

Remember when Danilo Gallinari was leading a surprise Nuggets team full of role-players to over 50 wins and a disappointing first-round exit in the playoffs? Those were great times, the Nuggs had something fun going on there.

Then George Karl got fired, their GM went to Canada, Andre Iguodala bolted at the first possible opportunity, JaVale McGee’s antics stopped being funny and started being annoying, and Danilo Gallinari exploded his knees too many times to count.

The magic is over now. It has been for a while. Gallinari is back, but you can tell he is not the same dynamic player he used to be. I wouldn’t even watch these highlights if I were you; go back and watch some older ones, ones where you can see the life in his eyes, the joyfulness in his heart, and the intact cartilage in his knees.

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