Giannis Antetokounmpo 18 Points/6 Assists Full Highlights (12/20/2014)

He was being sucked through a vortex of some sort. Swirling blues and reds flew by at an incredible rate of speed, and Giannis found it hard to keep his eyes open. Next to him, he could see the cloaked being that had opened this accursed portal; despite the high speeds, its cloak stayed still as if on a windless day.

There was not much time to ponder this oddity; within seconds, their feet were planted back on solid ground. However, “solid” was the only adjective Giannis found suitable to use, as the entire landscape around him was foreign and unfamiliar.

Above them, the sky was hued a deep purple. There was no sun or moon that Giannis could see, just clouds tinted with different shades of violet. Below his feet, they stood upon a rocky plain dotted with broken boulders. In the distance, there was a huge mountain range; at the pinnacle of the tallest peak was the source of light in the entire place; a sphere emanating a pure white light. However, only the outer border of the sphere was visible; the interior was solid black, as if there was an eclipse.

So stunned was Giannis by this new dimension, he didn’t realize that his companion had again began walking until it was almost fifty meters away. With a yelled, “wait!”, Giannis sprinted with long strides to catch up to the hooded figure. “Where are we going?” he asked when he had caught up.

Rather than speak, the entity answered with a simple gesture, pointing to the mountains in the distance. At their walking speed, it would take them hours, if not days, to get there. Giannis looked over his shoulder to see if there was any way to get back to Milwaukee, to rejoin the “Bradley Center Bratwurst Barbarity” in progress. To his horror, there was not. The spot where they had landed from the portal was as featureless as the rest of the area surrounding them.

“Can you just take me back?” Giannis asked. He received no answer, and this angered him. “Answer me!” he yelled, charging at the figure to maybe shake his shoulders or knock him down. However, he ran right through the black-shrouded being as if it was not there at all.

Several more requests for information were ignored as the first one hand been, so Giannis silenced himself. The feeling of importance that this being exuded was still present, and Giannis thought that some great enlightenment might greet them, wherever they were going.

As they walked, there was no wildlife or anything that could be termed “alive”. The only landmarks were the occasional outcroppings of rock in odd colors. The purple sky churned and roiled, crackling with an unknown energy, and Giannis found his attention focus inward.

In this foreign dimension, they continued their journey to the mountain.

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