Joe Ingles 13 Points Full Highlights (12/20/2014)

I tried to get these highlights done during the halftime of the currently ongoing Bucks-Clippers game. Didn’t quite work, and now I have to write a description while trying to watch a live game in progress. How will this work?I know! Live-blogging my thoughts as the game goes along. Here we go!

Come on Zaza, you have to finish that. For a seven-foot tall human you sure suck around the rim.

If Jamal Crawford gave a crap then he wouldn’t be Jamal Crawford anymore.

Feast your eyes, Zaza. DeAndre Jordan can dunk it any time he wants as he just showed.

Where’s Jabari Parker?

Where’s Jabari Parker?


Are you there?

I demand to see Jabari Parker!


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