Rudy Gobert 11 Points/12 Rebounds Full Highlights (12/20/2014)

Addiction is a terrible thing. Self-control goes out the window and plummets several stories to the unforgiving pavement. Family member’s and acquaintance’s attempts at intervention are rebuffed, leading to a closed-off, downward spiraling addict. For some, the only light at the end of the tunnel is more of the addictive substance. For others, there is no light.

With that said, I’m addicted to making Rudy Gobert highlights.

No amount of points is too few for me to consider editing a bunch of clips together and uploading it to YouTube. Four points, including two free-throws? It takes all my willpower not to proceed with the highlight compiling.

I don’t need help. I’ve got this totally under control, I could stop making Gobert vids whenever I wanted to. Just leave me alone, man. I don’t want your pity!

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