C.J. Miles 28 Points Full Highlights (12/21/2014)

The Pacers need offense from anywhere it can be scraped off the bottom of the barrel. They even scraped up the corpse of A.J. Price to see if he could get anything going. That’s how desperate they are.

C.J. Miles is not helping matters. He’s in a really bad slump right now, shooting 34 percent before this game and taking way too many threes. Indiana doesn’t have any choice but to keep trotting him out there to score 10 a game; he can kind of create his own shot sometimes, a skill that most of his teammates do not possess.

There are signs that C.J. is reviving a little bit, he had a 30 point performance a few games prior to this. Not like it matters, in the grand scheme of things. This team isn’t doing anything but going through the motions until Paul George comes back.

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