Greivis Vasquez 21 Points/5 Assists Full Highlights (12/21/2014)

With Greivis Vasquez from Venezuela, Lucas Nogueira from Brazil, and Bruno Caboclo also from Brazil, the Raptors now lead the league in number of Mexican players on the roster, with three. Greivis was matched up against the Argentine Pablo Prigioni for much of the night, taking the total number of Mexican players who appeared in last night’s game up to four.

As far as I can tell, four is the largest amount of Mexicans to ever play in a single NBA game. History will remember December 20, 2014 as the day when the tides began to turn, when bigotry and hate turned into diversity and acceptance, when Mexicans from all over South America could turn on the TV and see that they were no longer pushed to the margins of society.

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