James Ennis 16 Points Full Highlights (12/21/2014)

If your MVP superstar GOAT-candidate player flees your team in free agency, leaving behind two other all-stars who maybe aren’t quite as good, what do you do to maintain fanbase enthusiasm? The Heat knew the answer: stack your team with an infusion of dynamic young talent that you can develop. First piece in that puzzle? James Ennis.

Okay, so James Ennis probably isn’t the cure-all for the ills related to LeBron James’ departure. Pat Riley is high on him, but it will be a while before he’s ready to contribute anything other than two butt cheeks to keep the bench toasty. If we’re being honest, nothing can fill the void left by the King. You can cram in as many Napiers and McRobertses as you want, but it will never be the same.

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