C.J. McCollum 17 Points Full Highlights (12/22/2014)

It’s okay, man. You are not alone.

I also still get CJ McCollum and Ray McCallum confused sometimes.

It would help if either one of them was doing something do distinguish themselves. Instead, after promising rookie seasons, they both have had their rear-ends duct-taped to the bench. Attention NBA teams: young players don’t get any better if they don’t get any minutes! Typical win-now bullcrap. Developing drafted talent should always come before cockamamie playoff pushes.

This is perhaps CJ’s best game as a Blazer, a welcome sight after he broke his finger or whatever. If he can shoot it this good with a splint, imagine how good he could shoot it without! Watch out Steve Blake, you worthless bum, there’s someone in your rear-view mirror and he’s coming for your ass.

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