Justin Holiday Career High 18 Points Full Highlights (12/22/2014)

In honor of Justin Holiday’s career-high 18 points, coming at an especially pertinent time of year, we look back at some of the other great holiday-themed players from NBA’s past.

Ulysses Yule: One of the less heralded members of those dominant 60’s Celtic teams, Ulysses played two seasons while winning two championships. His utility was diminished by his small 5’10” frame and lack of a jumper, but, hey, count the rings.

Nerlens Noel: A springy, gangly man who played his college ball at Kentucky, Nerlens was known primarily for his spastic shot-blocking ability and impressive flat-top haircut. Knee injuries cut short his career, sadly, after he played five years for a dismal 76ers squad.

Tanner Tannenbaum: An unremarkable player known mainly for the value of his basketball cards; the first editions of his 1975 rookie card misspell his first name as “Terrence”, and display a picture of Ron Behagen.

Dionte Christmas: After lighting up the NBA’s summer league for several consecutive years, Christmas finally got his chance in 2013, playing for the Phoenix Suns. He never got another chance, presumably because teams don’t especially desire a three-point specialist who shoots under 30 percent from downtown.

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