Manu Ginobili 19 Points/10 Assists Full Highlights (12/22/2014)

The Spurs are a pleasing time-capsule of how the NBA was a decade ago. The role-players surrounding the core may have changed over time, but the core itself is the same as it ever was. Maybe a little less hair (a lot less actually) on Ginobili’s head, Popovich looks more crotchety in his old age, Tim Duncan using HGH a bit to keep his game up, Parker’s french features growing ever more pronounced. Other than those things, all the same.

One day the Spurs’ management will break up this magic foursome, or, more likely, one will retire, and one of the great ages of the NBA will pass. I will try not to cry when this happens. However valiant my attempts, the tears will flow unbidden, mourning these artists of the hardwood, great individually yet greater together.

The future of the NBA is brighter than ever. Young superstars fill the league, promising to bring endless enjoyment over the coming years. We can look at Anthony Davis, blazing a path to glory, and remark still how his movements echo those of Tim Duncan. We can watch Giannis Antetokounmpo play with unrestrained joy, and remember how Manu Ginobili did as well, in years long past. They reach the pinnacle of the sport, and they smile, recalling those that have come before. And we are smiling with them.

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