Ronnie Price 17 Points/8 Assists Full Highlights (12/23/2014)

The Lakers just beat the league-leading Warriors by ten. They would have won by even more, but they gave up a 16-0 run in the fourth quarter. The narrative after this game will be predictable: with Kobe out, the Lakers can actually function as a team and get high-quality looks.

I say screw that narrative. DTB writes his own narratives and doesn’t care what the lamestream media thinks about them. Here’s mine:

The Lakers do well when Ronnie Price randomly starts playing like a really good PG. If Ronnie dropped eight assists every game, the team would get a lot more wins. However, it’s quite literally impossible for him to be this good all the time. He’s 31 years old and not on the upswing. His shooting numbers, even after this hot game, look more like batting averages. For the second time in his career, he has positive offensive win-shares, but that is unlikely to hold up.

He must be some kind of defensive stud, because he’s been in the league a decade without ever achieving anything resembling a decent PER. I’m totally puzzled by his ability to get re-signed over and over. Somebody give this man’s agent a raise.

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